Creating financial empowerment for everyone

We are a fintech company operating in Egypt. We are driven by the goal of improving the financial lives of those that have been excluded from basic financial services.

We are on a mission to support the 200 million businesses still relying on cash payments

Over 200 million businesses in emerging and frontier markets still rely on cash payments to employees, contractors and other beneficiaries. Over 1.7 billion people do not even have a bank account despite having a job. Banks are ignoring this problem, preventing companies from removing cash from their payroll. Meanwhile, their workers remain excluded from basic financial services.

We break the cash cycle with a platform that allows electronic payment at the touch of a button

We break the cash cycle by starting with the employer. We provide a payments platform that allows companies to pay all employees and beneficiaries electronically at the touch of a button. A company can open personal accounts for their workers in seconds. These personal accounts come with a debit card and a mobile app.

For us this is just the beginning of the journey

Across our personal and business accounts, we aim to help customers improve their financial health and give them access to a range of financial services.
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